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Vit C

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VITAMIN C is easily one of the most important
vitamins on any health or supplement shelf.
Remember that vitamin C is an essential vitamin that your body cannot naturally produce. 

Vit-C Immune System Support is a high-dose Vitamin C supplement formulated with Rose Hips powder for additional Vitamin C support. Vitamin C is part
of a family of anti-oxidants which scavenge free radicals produced by oxidative stress such as exercise. 

Studies suggest that athletes may benefit
from Vitamin C supplementation which will enable them to consistently train throughout the year.

Helps prevent gout attacks
Assists body in converting iron
Massively boosts immune system
Aids in prevention of catching flu
Protects memory & thinking function
Regulates & balances blood pressure
Reduces risk of chronic diseases
Lessening of blood uric acid levels
Lowers chances of contracting heart

Take 1 capsule daily with a meal.

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