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Lose Weight, Look and Feel Amazing Create The Body You Deserve
Hardcore fat burner combo picture

Hardcore Fat Burner Combo

R 1,139 - R 1,199
Gummy Berry Juice Flavours

Slimming Gummy Berry Juice and V30 Hardcore Fat Burner Combo


2 x 250ml Gummy Berry Juice

1 x Extreme Hardcore Fat Burner V30

A hardcore fat burner if you are severely overweight / obese or if you are having trouble losing weight.

Aids in fat loss
Controls appetite
Elevates energy levels
Supports mood
Boosts metabolic rate
Normalizes blood sugar levels

Take 1 Capsule every morning on an empty stomach (30 capsules per container) Do NOT exceed the daily recommended dose!!

It is IMPERATIVE that you take in at least 3 liters of fluid in a 24-hour period when using this product.

(If you have never used dietary supplements before, we suggest that you start with the Platinum Fat Blaster or the S30 Fat Burner first before using this product.)


Green Tea Extract – 20:1 – 100mg per serving
Hoodia Extract 20:1 – 100mg per serving
Coleus Forksholii 60% - 100mg per serving
Ginger Extract 5% - 50mg per serving
Citrus Aurantium Extract 20:1 – 50mg per serving
Raspberry Ketones 98% - 50 mg per serving
African Mango Extract 10:1 – 50mg per serving


Do NOT use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you suffer from a heart disease or has very high blood pressure.

Consult your care provider and discuss the ingredients of the products with them if you want to use this product with MAO inhibitors, stimulants or anti-depressants.

Discontinue use and consult with your care provider if you have any server adverse reaction.

Sold by Gummy Berry Juice South Africa Pty Ltd

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