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Retinol serum picture

Retinol Serum

R 235 - R 289
Select Size (Golden)

Retinol-Vitamin A serum


Retinol works to stimulate collagen production and accelerate skin cell turnover,smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and helps to fade acne mscaring,discolouration and blemishes.

Retinol is a star in ingredient in most anti-aging products.

How to use: apply to use 2-3 drops and massage in skin. Use before night cream or on its own. Ensure you were Goldens Sunscreen during the day.

Suitable for: all skin types]

Best for:

·      Anti-aging

·      Collagen production

·      Deep hydration

·      Intense rejuvenating

15ml-R235 / 30ml-R289

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