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R 1,149


Here you get a nice clitoral vibrator in an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle during use. With the strip of titillating vibration patterns that you easily click through, you quickly find your favourite.

The vibrator is designed to also be used to stimulate erogenous zones such as nipples and stimulate the production of milk for breastfeeding.


There are 10 vibration patterns here.


Clinical silicone which becomes velvety soft when applied to lube.

We recommend that only water-based lube be used with this product, as other types of lubes (silicone, oil or hybrid-based lubricants) eventually destroy the material.


L 9.5 x W 4.6 x H 2.5 cm


Charge with the included charging system.


For the cleaning, we recommend disinfecting Toy Cleaners or intimate soap.


Silicone-produced products should never be stored with other silicone- Fanta Flesh- or PVC produced products or in plastic bags, as you are very likely to experience a chemical reaction that makes the product seem to “merge” over time. Therefore, always store your silicone-produced erotic toy in, for example, a lint-free fabric bag so that it can be separated from other products.

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