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3d pre shock xt [600g] picture
3d pre shock xt [600g] picture
3d pre shock xt [600g] picture

3D Pre Shock XT [600g]

R 399

3D Pre Shock XT [600g]

The new age in pre-workout formulations, 3D Nutrition’s Pre-Shock XT has been designed to provide you with the ultimate in workout experience, energy levels, and muscle-swelling pumps.

Pre-Shock has been formulated with a variety of matrix compounds that will ensure your energy levels are not only elevated but sustained as well. Additionally, it has a matrix combination to amplify muscle pumps and one to provide explosive increases in performance levels.

The main ingredients of this pre-workout formula are caffeine, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate. All three of these ingredients have scientifically been shown to provide the ultimate in pre-workout energy and performance-boosting supplements.

With 3D Nutrition’s Pre-Shock XT providing an optimal level of these ingredients, plus others, you’re guaranteed to get:

Incredibly insane muscle pumps
Explosively increased energy levels
Sustainability in elevated energy levels
A massive boost in muscular strength and endurance
Extreme mental focus and elevated levels of concentration
3D Nutrition’s Pre-Shock XT is a cocktail that will give you the visible and tangible boosts in energy, focus, and strength, that you look for in a great pre-workout formula.





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