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By Slender Living · Apr 1, 2022
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We are proud of you Cathy, well done for your impeccable journey!!

Cathy Olckers shares her Slender Living journey

Hi Guys!
My name is Cathy Olckers and I would love to share my Slender Living journey with you.
(Almost 4 years!)

As a mother of three, wife and businesswoman my energy levels are very important to me to get me through my day.

I started using Gummy Berry Juice and found that the sustained energy levels helped me a great deal, and the few kilos I shed were a welcome bonus.

At the age of 38, I started suffering the effects of pre-menopause. And yes it’s terrible. At the same time, SLENDER Living Dim+ was launched.

The results were phenomenal. I would recommend DIM+ for any women in their 30 and up.

My passion for marketing and selling Slender Living Products comes from the countless lives that have been enhanced and improved. It is this positive feedback from customers and friends that makes the effort and hard work worthwhile! Where clients become friends.

Zaan, thank you for the amazing opportunity you gave me, the support, all the advice and the world-class products you offer.

“Admire other’s beauty without doubting your own”

If you would like to contact her in order to change your lifestyle, here is her contact details:

082 307 9916

Gummy Berry Juice SA (PTY) Ltd

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